Aldi vs. More Expensive Grocery Stores

I just read a decent article, actually, on items to buy and not buy from Aldi.

Aldi is a German store that offers imitation products of a lot of popular American items. I won’t rehash what they suggested, but I will add to it. Link to that article is here.

One suggestion is that Winking Owl is a super affordable wine company with a lot of good varietals. I have tried the Pinot Grigio and the Cabernet Sauvignon. The Pinot Grigio is really crisp and yummy, the Cab is quite decent, actually. (Both for under $3!!)

I can also attest to the stouts. I’m more of a wine connoisseur, but I love a good Stout and Porter Ale – Guinness being my absolute favorite. I tried Tumwater Brewing (out of Washington) and one other and both were really good.

I agree with most of the consumers about buying spices and cheese at Aldi. But eggs are also a real bargain there. There are half the price of popular grocery store eggs.

I’d also say nuts are a good deal there, as well as candy. The detergent was more expensive at Aldi than my local popular grocery store. But their Tandil Ultra Soft dryer sheets are good and less expensive than name brands.

I have not tried much of the frozen food, yet, because I cook more often than not, but I bought some rice and it was very dough-y after being in the rice cooker for an hour. Too dough-y.

The Journey to India Tikka Masala sauce is some of the best I’ve ever had. Store bought Tikka Masala is really hit or miss, and this one is quite tasty!

Candy – yes on the sweets. Europeans use better ingredients in their sweets, overall. We bought Choceur’s Peanut Butter Cups and they are way yummier than popular brands.

So far, we are good to buy these from Aldi: dairy, eggs, spices, condiments, certain meats, nuts, trail mix, snack bars, vegetables, fruits, corn tortillas, jalapenos, sweets, certain wines and beer.

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