Perioral Dermatitis - It Seems Clove is Helping to Heal My Friend's Skin Issue

You can run a search on Perioral Dermatitis and find a lot of information, no question there. Like, What is Perioral Dermatitis?, causes, symptoms. Again, not an expert, but this is what happened to my friend.
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Women, by Charles Bukowski

I used to ask friends about their favorite book so I could liven up my own reading. This particular friend recommended Atlas Shrugged and The Most Beautiful Woman in Town & Other Stories.

Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty - Woocommerce

This is an issue for many, and there are a lot of forums on how to fix this issue, so I'll link to some, but my issue was actually quite simple. I installed Woocommerce on this website >>Store Link Here<< but somehow all of my…
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Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski was a great poet. He also wrote many autobiographical stories and was, really, the punk rock writer of his time.
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How to Free up Mac Space and Clear Adobe Cache

How to locate large files on your hard drive and empty heavy Adobe Cache files.

Hummer: A Love Story, part one

"Hummer: A Love Story, part one" is the prequel to a pretty rough and raw account of Doug Hawk rebuilding an H1 Hummer after it tried to commit suicide in North Carolina.
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How to use Leave Color for Color Keying and Mask Animation with After Effects, Tutorial

Tony Gamble wanted to shoot a video for his new single "Love Gone" in which the premise is that he wakes up, finds his girlfriend gone and starts to play his guitar...

Aldi vs. More Expensive Grocery Stores

I just read a decent article, actually, on items to buy and not buy from Aldi. Aldi is a German store that offers imitation products of a lot of popular American items. I won't rehash what they suggested, but I will add to it.