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How to Crochet Bulky Viking Helmet Tutorial

This is a lot of fun. And it's inspired by a free pattern so it's only right this pattern be free, as well...
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Royalty Free Music vs. Copyright Music

Recently I was collaborating with someone who sent me a collection of royalty-free music for us to choose from for a project. I listened to all the music, but then at end was this text...

Our Rescue Cat

I volunteered for a rescue back around 2013 in Santa Clarita, California. It was a modest rescue run by a jovial older man in his fifties. I shot video and took photos of his rescue efforts and came to know a great bunch of gals in the process. I also updated the website...

88.5 FM SoCal - Best Radio EVER!!!!

Imagine if you will, your favorite music aficionado Rob Gordon from Nick Hornby's High Fidelity had his own radio program. ... Let that sink in a moment... One, two, three... Right?? I'm reading your thoughts and I'm totally with you!! Your mind is completely aflutter with the possibilities!!!

How to Import AVCHD Footage into Premiere Pro CC 2018

There are a few tutorials out there that suggest all you do is right click the video file inside your AVCHD file folder and use Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud to import the footage, but even if it works - it didn't for me - it's not the right…

A Cross Country Trip from Asheville to Los Angeles

The year was 2015. We loved L.A. but we were feeling a little tired of some things. It's a great city for many reasons, but having been here for 20+ years my husband and I were kind of lost. First of all, for those past two years we'd lived…

Our records show you have not updated your free Google listing

Do not be fooled by this obvious scam. Obvious to me, anyway.

iPhone Sudden Increase in Data Usage - UPDATE

I barely ever crack 1 gig of data usage on my phone. So, why am I suddenly going over 2 gigs ten days into my billing cycle?
How To Knit Neck Warmer Lydia Hawk Designs

How to Knit Fancy Cable Neck Warmer - Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

The FREE Fancy Cable Neck Warmer Pattern video tutorial covers casting on, knit, purl, increases, decreases, cable stitch, button holes, adding new thread, binding off and weaving in ends.