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How to Report an Etsy Buyer

Can you report a buyer on Etsy? Yes, you can and you should.

Perioral Dermatitis - It Seems Clove is Helping to Heal My Friend's Skin Issue

You can run a search on Perioral Dermatitis and find a lot of information, no question there. Like, What is Perioral Dermatitis?, causes, symptoms. Again, not an expert, but this is what happened to my friend.
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Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski was a great poet. He also wrote many autobiographical stories and was, really, the punk rock writer of his time.

Aldi vs. More Expensive Grocery Stores

I just read a decent article, actually, on items to buy and not buy from Aldi. Aldi is a German store that offers imitation products of a lot of popular American items. I won't rehash what they suggested, but I will add to it.

I Love L.A.

Looks like another perfect day. I love L.A.!

My Carpal Tunnel Experiment

I have been working on a computer for a really long time. Long enough that I've got very painful carpal tunnel in my right hand, and mainly from using my mouse for everything, including very fine photo editing.

Does Meditation Work?

We live in a down economy with a lot of civil unrest. Yoga, healthy eating and meditation are tools people are using to feel better day-to-day. And these aren't new ideas, of course, but meditation has always been a bit controversial...

Scam Alert - Social Security Number

Who calls in a seedy monotone machine voice to tell you there has been "fraudulent activity" attached to your name and social security number? Scam artists.