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Why No Case for New Apple Earpods? A Cute and Clever Solution!

Old Apple Earpods came with a plastic (and fairly complicated) travel case. But in recent years Apple has dropped it and people have found some creative ways of transporting their earpods.
Lydia Hawk Designs
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How to Crochet Bulky Viking Helmet Tutorial

This is a lot of fun. And it's inspired by a free pattern so it's only right this pattern be free, as well...
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How to Crochet Mario Bros. Doll - Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Great video for the beginning crocheter; provides a visual step-by-step reference to the FREE Crochet Mario Bros. Pattern instructions you can download at LydiaHawk.com!

Anastasiya & Sergey Lutsenko Dolls

If you've never heard of Anastasiya and Sergey Lutsenko, you're missing out. Anastasiya and Sergey Lutsenko are rock stars in the ball joint doll-making world.
Crochet Mario Bros Doll Lydia Hawk Designs Asheville NC

Mario Bros. Dolls

Mario Bros. is alive and well through these adorable crochet patterns purchasable through Lydia Hawk Designs.

Marilyn Monroe Watercolor

Marilyn Monroe Watercolor, Chanel No5

Jack Sparrow Watercolor

Jack Sparrow Watercolor, Pirates of the Caribbean