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How To Take Apart Singer 7469 Confidence Quilter Sewing Machine

The following is a video on how to do this, as well as the link to the video we used to set the timing.
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How to Report an Etsy Buyer

Can you report a buyer on Etsy? Yes, you can and you should.

2013 Jeep Wrangler - Sludge, Radiator Leak and Mixing HAT & OAT Coolant

2013 Jeep Wrangler sludge issue that was fixed for less than $300!
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Can't Receive Text Messages on Android Phone

The easiest solution to your inability to receive Apple device text messages on your Android, Samsung, non-Apple smart phone.

Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty - Woocommerce

This is an issue for many, and there are a lot of forums on how to fix this issue, so I'll link to some, but my issue was actually quite simple. I installed Woocommerce on this website >>Store Link Here<< but somehow all of my…
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How to Free up Mac Space and Clear Adobe Cache

How to locate large files on your hard drive and empty heavy Adobe Cache files.
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How to use Leave Color for Color Keying and Mask Animation with After Effects, Tutorial

Tony Gamble wanted to shoot a video for his new single "Love Gone" in which the premise is that he wakes up, finds his girlfriend gone and starts to play his guitar...