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How to Sew a Reusable Face Mask with Filter Pouch and Adjustable Straps - No Elastic

Simple, fast Reusable Face Mask with Filter Pouch and Adjustable Straps that does not require elastic!
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How To Take Apart Singer 7469 Confidence Quilter Sewing Machine

The following is a video on how to do this, as well as the link to the video we used to set the timing.
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Can't Receive Text Messages on Android Phone

The easiest solution to your inability to receive Apple device text messages on your Android, Samsung, non-Apple smart phone.
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How to Free up Mac Space and Clear Adobe Cache

How to locate large files on your hard drive and empty heavy Adobe Cache files.
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How to use Leave Color for Color Keying and Mask Animation with After Effects, Tutorial

Tony Gamble wanted to shoot a video for his new single "Love Gone" in which the premise is that he wakes up, finds his girlfriend gone and starts to play his guitar...

WooCommerce Remove 'Add to Cart' Button - Categories, Product ID's, Shop Page, Product Page

There are different ways to hide the Add to Cart button, but the various ways are spread out all over the internet. I wanted to consolidate my favorite ways to hide the button in one post for easy access.
Lydia Hawk Designs
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How to Crochet Bulky Viking Helmet Tutorial

This is a lot of fun. And it's inspired by a free pattern so it's only right this pattern be free, as well...

How to Import AVCHD Footage into Premiere Pro CC 2018

There are a few tutorials out there that suggest all you do is right click the video file inside your AVCHD file folder and use Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud to import the footage, but even if it works - it didn't for me - it's not the right…
How To Knit Neck Warmer Lydia Hawk Designs

How to Knit Fancy Cable Neck Warmer - Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

The FREE Fancy Cable Neck Warmer Pattern video tutorial covers casting on, knit, purl, increases, decreases, cable stitch, button holes, adding new thread, binding off and weaving in ends.