How to Add Edited Video to Instagram from Your Computer

Some of us like to edit our videos before we upload them. And we’re not the only ones. A lot of stylized videos – especially ads – are edited. They have overlays and watermarks and are cut just so because what the person or company wants you to see is very specific.

And, personally, I don’t take decent video with my phone. It’s an older iPhone with a wide angle lens and because it’s light it’s not very stable. Why throw away years worth of tried and trusted tripods and HD cameras just because the technology is changing? I resist!!

This is how I put edited video on Instagram, an app that would prefer you do everything from your phone.

  1. Edit your video and compress it a decent amount. You can do this through Final Cut presets for mobile devices and Premiere Pro/Adobe Media Encoder under the H.264 codec.
  2. Set up an account with a Social Media Manager on your computer where the video resides. Hootsuite and Buffer are my preferred choices. (Hootsuite will no longer be free come April 2019. Buffer is still free.)
  3. Connect your Instagram account through a few simple steps, then schedule a post. From here you can upload your compressed video.
  4. Download the app for your Social Media Manager onto your phone and sign in. If you’re letting the Social Media Manager schedule your post for the most optimized time of day, make sure you allow notifications because you have to make the actual post through your phone.
  5. When you get the notification, your Social Media Manager will present to you the option to share on Instagram. Make sure you are logged into the appropriate Instagram account before you select the option (you can have up to five IG’s set up in your IG account, but you must have the one you want to use open and ready to go.)
  6. Once you opt to go to Instagram with your scheduled post, the app will copy your text to the clipboard, or you can wait and do it in IG (the app won’t give you hashtag options as you type, the way IG does, so you might rather wait until you are just about to post it.)
  7. Share your post!

That’s it. It’s a few extra steps, but it’s worth it if your video skills are old school. Or even if you just want to put a lovely montage of your work together with your company info.

Lutsenko Dolls, by Anastasiya and Sergey Lutsenko, is my favorite IG account and they post intricate videos around their ball joint doll-making. It’s gorgeous and soothing and they always present their company name at the end. Hard to do, I’m guessing, from just your smart phone!

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