How to Repair RPS Studio Kit Light Socket

The RPS Studio Lighting Kit is a good startup kit for the budding photographer and videographer on a budget. I’ve gotten two years of solid use out of them in a studio setting. One light’s knob for tightening it into a directional position did strip after one year, so I’ve been using a spring clamp to hold it in place. It still works, it just doesn’t have the direction-adjusting functionality. For my purposes it still works great, but the kit is inexpensive, and it’s true nine times out of ten that you get what you pay for.

What I did not anticipate was the light socket falling apart on the other light. Somehow the metal from the aluminum insert got twisted and bent so that the light was no longer connecting. I’m meticulous in my gentility when it comes to putting together and tearing down my gear, so how this happened is a mystery. I can only guess it was put together like that, which then of course begs the question: How did it work for two years??

Rather than buy a new light, I went to Home Depot and bought a light socket with the aluminum insert I needed.

As you can see the RPS insert is replaceable, so I had to find an insert with three screws. Not the easiest task online. First, I ordered a set of sockets based upon the Amazon photo that showed the insert to be replaceable, but when I got it, it had two screws and a permanent attachment to the outer housing. So, Home Depot was necessary so I knew I was getting exactly what I needed.

It should go without saying, but don’t take apart a light socket while it’s plugged in and turned on. Turn the electricity off, unplug it and even use a device for checking the voltage if you want to be perfectly careful.

I had to unscrew the ceramic housing from the lightbox and slowly replace the metal insert. It took some time because the screws are small and it’s not the easiest shape to manipulate. Once done, it works again! I did not have to replace the entire light, though the next step will be to buy a proper, well-constructed and sturdy light to replace the cheaper lights. Still, a nice, quick and cheap (though not easy) fix!

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