How to Report an Etsy Buyer

It happens sometimes that you get the buyer who is unhappy, but it also happens sometimes that customers scam and berate and belittle artists because… who knows! It’s the occasional unruly, obnoxious person you can’t possibly make happy. No point in guessing why these people are perpetually discontent, but can you report them if they are abusing you?

Etsy and eBay and every other third party retail site comes well-equipped with ways to report sellers, but no clear way to report a buyer. Still, there is something you can do.

After you have communicated and done everything to make this person happy, you can and should contact Etsy Support and ask them to investigate and flag this person if they have a pattern of scamming and abusing people. Here’s what I did:

  • After much searching I found this link to Etsy Support:
  • I chose “Selling on Etsy”
  • “Cases and Reviews”
  • “Canceling an Order”
  • “I still need help”

This finally led me to a way to contact Etsy and describe my issue. At the end I added:

  • My shop name
  • Etsy buyer’s name
  • Etsy buyer’s profile link
  • Order number

In the end I refunded the person and blocked them. To block someone all you need to do is go to their profile page; the link is at the bottom of their page. I don’t know that blocking really does anything except provide its own “flag” for this person – a kind of alert by which Etsy can keep track of people who are repeat offenders. Regardless, you should report anyone who is attacking you after you’ve done everything you can to please them.

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