How to use Leave Color for Color Keying and Mask Animation with After Effects, Tutorial

My friend Tony Gamble just released a new Flamenco Fusion album entitled “Another Rainy Day.” It’s a gorgeous guitar instrumental album and he wanted to shoot a video for the single “Love Gone” in which the premise is that he wakes up, finds his girlfriend gone and starts to play his guitar.

By going from black and white to pops of isolated color we show a visual story wherein his day begins unhappy and gloomy but slowly brightens as his guitar brings him back to life.

‘Leave Color’ and ‘Key Color’ are tools that come built into After Effects, that with a little ingenuity, can pull off some spectacular effects – in this case, isolating color. ‘Leave Color’ is the tool we focus on in this tutorial.

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The full video for Tony Gamble’s beautiful “Love Gone”:

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