My Carpal Tunnel Experiment

I have been working on a computer for a really long time. Long enough that I’ve got very painful carpal tunnel in my right hand, and mainly from using my mouse for everything, including very fine photo editing.

So, I am experimenting with correcting this. How, you ask? I am training my left hand to do the right hand’s work.

I’m not ambidextrous, yet, but that is just a matter of training. Anyone can learn to use either hand for work, or writing, or manipulating a computer mouse. Hell, some people learn to use there feet, so…

Last week, probably seven days ago, I started using my left hand. Since then the pain intensified and then lessened. I think it got really sore because it was finally allowed to rest. With rest, it has started healing and what pain there is has shifted in area a bit. Instead of being in the top center of my wrist, the most noticeable pain is now on the lower left side of my palm (on the outside). And the wrist, itself, is still sore, but it’s a dull sore right now. I can usually bend my wrist far forward and it hurts like crazy. Really bending far in either front of back directions produces acute pain that is now just dull. Also, lifting heavy or wide cups and coffee mugs usually hurts, but it does not hurt right now.

I’m going to keep at it. I want to give my right hand a chance to heal so that when I do occasionally use it for fine editing, it’s not a debilitating process.

It’s not the absolute best workaround, I’m guessing, but you work with what you have. I have two hands, why wouldn’t I use them both if it eases my pain?

Now what to do about this nerve twitch in my right eye…


It’s been four years since I wrote this post and I’ve been using dough kneading and swimming as tools for exercising my right hand. It still hurts but it seems to be less with this kind of exercise.

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