Our records show you have not updated your free Google listing

Do not be fooled by this obvious scam. Obvious to me, anyway.

I work for a company that gets these calls several times a day. For awhile I knew to ignore them because the caller ID would read “Blowing Rock, NC.” Now it reads something else and I shuddered to hear, yet again, this automated woman’s voice insisting we had not updated our free listing.

Firstly, we update it all the time. Secondly, Google staff does not call and harass you about something you most certainly do through their platform.

Once in the past I hit the button option to speak with a representative only to be put on hold. – Click – Sorry, you called me, not the other way around. Today, annoyed, I did it again just to see if I could get someone right away and find out what exactly they were selling and if this company or whatever actually has ties to Google.

I got someone on the line right away and started to ask my questions. Quite pointedly, I wanted to ask questions like, “What are you guys selling?” “Can you prove your affiliation with Google?” “Why do you have to call so many times per day?” Just tell me you are scamming people, or if you offer a real service, explain it.

The person I spoke to would not let me get a word in edgewise and when I continued to talk over him to get my question out, he still wouldn’t stop long enough to have a conversation with me.

I needed to know for myself. In the end this is not about helping a small business. It’s about scamming people, and people will go to any length to separate you from your money for nothing in return. I can’t post to Craigslist or eBay or any online platform with getting hit with at least five scam responses. Selling a computer on Craigslist? Everybody wants to pay with a cashiers check. Or partial cash payment and the rest with a cashiers check. eBay? They want to circumvent eBay and promise to give me way over what I’m asking. Looking for a house? People will post someone else’s house for rent and take your money because you’re desperate to move quickly. Don’t even get me started on the IRS calls warning that the police will show up and arrest you.

Beware, beware, beware! If it sounds suspect or phony, research it. And if someone calls claiming to be your granddaughter trapped in Florida with no way to leave unless you wire ten thousand dollars, grill them on every detail about your family.

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