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Aldi vs. More Expensive Grocery Stores

I just read a decent article, actually, on items to buy and not buy from Aldi. Aldi is a German store that offers imitation products of a lot of popular American items. I won't rehash what they suggested, but I will add to it.

WooCommerce Remove 'Add to Cart' Button - Categories, Product ID's, Shop Page, Product Page

There are different ways to hide the Add to Cart button, but the various ways are spread out all over the internet. I wanted to consolidate my favorite ways to hide the button in one post for easy access.

I Love L.A.

Looks like another perfect day. I love L.A.!

How to Add Edited Video to Instagram from Your Computer

This is how I put edited video on Instagram, an app that would prefer you do everything from your phone.


Replicating H1 Hummer Princess Chair Dash Grommet