Replicating H1 Hummer Princess Chair Dash Grommet

Replicating H1 Hummer Princess Chair Dash Grommet

My husband’s H1 Hummer was having some issues last year and while working on it, it lurched, the parking break and other reinforcements failed, and it rolled backwards and hit a tree. This caused frame component damage and engine damage, and also interior damage. The dash was not right and with it these pieces called Princess Chair Dash Grommets that hold the dash in place were damaged.

He looked online and found that AM General stopped making them. He found an independent seller selling a set of 7 for over $200. That might have been worth considering, except that I regularly make, mold and replicate pieces for jewelry. We decided, instead, to replicate these pieces in order to save money. He had a few salvageable pieces I was able to use for this end.

It’s not terribly hard, but it does cost a bit in materials, time and energy, and if you’ve never done it before, there is a learning curve. That being said, once you can do it, you can make them when you need them, and even other discontinued parts for your vehicle and a number of other items you find you might need.

Watch Video:

Because this isn’t a tutorial on every step, I’ll add some notes here:

  • When you start pouring molds and resin, always read the instructions very carefully. Protect yourself. You need a respirator (a really good one if you are pouring large batches of resin), protective eyewear and gloves.
  • Make sure you are working on a level surface. My house leans in the front and to the side, so I have to level two separate boards in each direction to create a level workspace.
  • If you want to get the army green color I got, pour equal parts of Side A & B polyurethane resin (I use Alumilite’s Amazing Cast polyurethane resin) at 5ml each, mix, then drop Tim Holtz alcohol ink in these measurements: 2 drops of “Pitch Black”, 3 drops of “Bottle” green, and 1 drop of “Slate” gray. OR you can paint them after they’ve cured. Too much ink in the cure will effect their sturdiness, so if you wanted black, per se, you’d probably be better after painted them after.

Hope this is useful!

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