Hummer: A Love Story, part one

"Hummer: A Love Story, part one" is the prequel to a pretty rough and raw account of Doug Hawk rebuilding an H1 Hummer after it tried to commit suicide in North Carolina.

How to Add Edited Video to Instagram from Your Computer

This is how I put edited video on Instagram, an app that would prefer you do everything from your phone.
Lydia Hawk Designs
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How to Crochet Bulky Viking Helmet Tutorial

This is a lot of fun. And it's inspired by a free pattern so it's only right this pattern be free, as well...

How to Import AVCHD Footage into Premiere Pro CC 2018

There are a few tutorials out there that suggest all you do is right click the video file inside your AVCHD file folder and use Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud to import the footage, but even if it works - it didn't for me - it's not the right…
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How to Crochet Mario Bros. Doll - Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Great video for the beginning crocheter; provides a visual step-by-step reference to the FREE Crochet Mario Bros. Pattern instructions you can download at!

DIY Gemstone Butterfly Pendant Necklace

Ever wonder how to set gemstones in resin? Here's how you do it!

Learn Spanish - Negro y Azul

Okay, so it's not very useful unless you need to know Breaking Bad-specific language, but it's fun and it's Breaking Bad!!!
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How to Repair RPS Studio Kit Light Socket

The RPS Studio Lighting Kit is a good startup kit for the budding photographer and videographer on a budget. I am, however, repairing them as I go because they are cheaply constructed.

12 Days of Pokemon Christmas Song Parody

Why? Because!! Crochet Pokemon Footbags and dumb parody lyrics and DORKY CHRISTMAS SONGS!!