Why No Case for New Apple Earpods? A Cute and Clever Solution!

Old Apple Earpods came with a plastic (and fairly complicated) travel case. But in recent years Apple has dropped it and people have found some creative ways of transporting their earpods.

These are cute, fun, creative solutions for your earpods! They are handmade and will make great stocking stuffers this Christmas.

Following the same principle as the original case, the video below shows you how to secure the longest parts of your earpods (earphones and volume adjuster); then using the cone, you wrap the cord around and insert the end into the cone. Secure, adorable and you can use it as a keychain or just as a case to throw into your gym bag or purse!

Watch Tutorial: https://youtu.be/6ziMbbSCXOQ

To see more of this artist’s creations, just following this Etsy link!

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